The LumiCal for luminosity measurement at the CEPC
Suen Hou1*
1physics, academia sinica, taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Suen Hou,

The very forward region of the Circular Electron Positron Collider
(CEPC) detector design is instrumented with a luminosity calorimeter (LumiCal),
for measurement of integral luminosity with a precision of 10^-3 and
10^-4 in e+e- collisions at 240 GeV center-of-mass energy and at the
Z0 pole, respectively. The precision requirements are motivated by
the CEPC physics program on precision measurements of the Higgs and
the Electroweak interactions. The LumiCal is designed with a pair of sandwiched
Silicon-Tungsten calorimeters for detection of elastic scattering of Bhabha events in
e+e- collisions. The precision on detector assembly and measurements of electron
impact position are investigated for the precision required for luminosity measurement.

Keywords: calorimeter