Linear control of light scattering with multi coherent waves
Jeng Yi Lee1*
1Department of applied science, National Taitung University, Taitung, Taiwan
* Presenter:Jeng Yi Lee,
It is well known that the light scattering by passive systems are related to system con gurations, illumination direction, polarization, operation frequency, etc.. Over past decades, various anomalous scatterers have been proposed when embedding proper system design and material parameters, such as magnetic light, invisible cloakings, superdirective antennas, perfect absorption objects, transverse scatterings, anapole, and superscatterings. However, these results are obtained in single wave excitation. On the other hand, superposition of incident waves could create non-trivial polarization, spin-orbital coupling, Poynting energy, and electromagnetic wave distributions. In this work, we find that proper design of multi-coherent-waves can dramatically alter the scattering signature, irrespective of system configuration. We can extrinsically control the intrinsic scattering via proper phases and intensities of multi-excitation. Moreover, we demonstrate how using the interferometric effect can turn off the desired channels, without limitation of system configuration and material parameters. Such interferometric technology can also modulate the intrinsic material loss accurately. We believe our work can provide a non-invasive route to manipulate the interaction of light and material in nano-scales.

Keywords: Mie Scattering, interferometric technology