Modeling Formation of Stellar Systems, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy with Nonlinear Special Relativity
David Ni1*
1R&D, Unitech, New Taipei, Taiwan
2R&D, Direxion Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:David Ni,
Formation of stellar systems as well as origin of dark matter and dark energy have been attracting significant interests.

Recently, we have proposed to model these phenomena by momentum triplet on complex plane as many-body setting in conjunction with nonlinear Special Relativity and obtained interested results by the approaches in dynamical systems. The simulations include layer-structured families for modeling dark matter and multiple hierarchical systems for modeling formation of stellar systems and dark energy.

In this presentation, we examine in details how the formation the hierarchical stellar structures and potentially black holes related to parametric momentum triplet and postulate the conversation laws for these nonlinear phenomena.

Keywords: Nonlinear Special Relativity, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Stellar systems