The collective motion of active particle suspension confined in high aspect ratio micro-channel
Chong-Wai Io1*
1Dept. of Phys., National Chung-Cheng University, Minhsiung , Chiayi, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chong-Wai Io,
The suspension of active particle is one of the ideal systems for investigating non-equilibrium physics with controllable degree away from equilibrium. Many previous studies show that such system can exhibit slightly non-equilibrium super-diffusion motion and highly non-equilibrium heterogeneous motion as increasing particle propulsion strength. Nevertheless, most of the previous studies only focused in open space to avoid finite size effect. For the realistic application, the boundaries always present. Understanding how boundaries affecting the collective particle motion is generically important. In this work, we will report the collective motion of active particle suspension confined in micro-channel. The motility induced accumulation around the boundaries is observed. In the accumulation region, particles are aligned and are tended to point toward the confining wall, which can lead to highly heterogeneous and anisotropic motion.

Keywords: Active particle, heterogeneous motion