Measurement of Phase Shift of Achromatic Surface Plasmon Resonance
Yu-Chun Lin1*, How-Foo Chen1
1Institute of Biophotonics, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yu-Chun Lin,
With the development of the niche biosensor technology, the monochromatic optical inspection mode has gradually matured. However, some difficulties in the development of the corresponding biosensor chip still exists because the chip parameters of surface plasmon resonance excited by a monochromatic laser are needed to be well designed for the optimal sensitivity test condition. Therefore, a monochromatic laser usually has a small dynamic range. In this way, a broadband light source is chosen as a substitution since the biosensor chip can then kick in with a larger dynamic range, and more messages of broadband-light excited SPR can bring out. This study not only attempts to demonstrate the erection of a SPR system with broadband light source to measure SPR phase signal, but also explores the feasibility of broadband light on SPR instrument and compares the sensitivity of measurement.

Keywords: Surface plasma resonance, Broadband, Phase shift