Controllability of quantum transition - control time and pulse energy
I-Yun Hsiao1*, Yoshiaki Teranishi1
1物理所, 國立交通大學, 新竹市, Taiwan
* Presenter:I-Yun Hsiao,
Quantum control is expected as an important technology to utilize various atomic and molecular processes. There are many theories proposed so far to design laser pulse for quantum control. Among them, the optimal control theory is regarded as one of the most powerful one, in which a variational principle problem is numerically solved to find the optimal laser pulse to achieve a desired control. One of the important topics of quantum control is how easy/difficult a control is, which we call controllability. The purpose of our study is to discuss the controllability in various systems and transitions. We discuss four types of systems including two level system, three level system without coupling between excited states, ladder type system, and double well. The controllability depends on systems and the target states.

Keywords: controllability, quantum control, optimal control theory