Radio-Frequency Scanning Tunneling Microscope (RF-STM), a strong resistant to external current’s interference to the conventional tunneling current.
Sheng Lee1*, Huan Hsin Li1, Larry Pai1
1CCMS, NTU, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Sheng Lee,
When coupling an external advanced light source, such as x-ray, to an STM, the Induced electrons would strongly interfere with the tunneling current of an STM, which is typically used for the STM tip scanning feedback system. This interference presents difficulty for stable scanning in an environment where x-ray or an external electron beam is present. Here we present a new design of an STM, where the tunneling resistance becomes part of a predefined circuit system that forms a resonance frequency around 800MHz. With this predefined circuit system that incorporates the tunneling resistance, we demonstrate the detected power and phase of the particular resonance frequency is resistant to the external electron beam flux, which has the potential of replacing the conventional tunneling current for scanning feedback.

Keywords: X-ray, STM, Instrumentation Development, Radio Frequency