3D Pulsed Chaos Lidar System
Chen Jun-Da1*, Cheng Chih-Hao1, Tsay Han-Ling1, Ho Hsin-Lin1, Lee Chung-Chih1, Lin Fan-Yi1
1光電工程研究所, 國立清華大學, 新竹市,台灣, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chen Jun-Da, email:mmmevery@gmail.com
We develop an unprecedented 3D pulsed chaos lidar system for potential intelligent machinery applications. In this system, we employ self-homodyning, time gating and pulsed MOPA to generate a pulsed homodyned chaos to boost the energy-utilization efficiency. Compared to the original chaos, we show that the pulsed homodyned chaos can improve the detection SNR by more than 20 dB and increase the detection range to exceed 100 m. By employing a 2-axis MEMS mirror for active laser scanning, real-time 3D imaging is successfully demonstrated.

Keywords: Pulsed chaos lidar, Time gating, MOPA, Self-homodyning