Growth of twisted bilayered graphene
Wei-Yen Woon1*, Che-Men Chu1
1Department of Physics, National Central University, Jhongli district, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
* Presenter:Wei-Yen Woon,
Multilayered graphene is grown through chemical vapor deposition. It is found that many multiple graphene grains can be formed under a milli-meter sized first layer graphene grain under a high hydrogen/methane ratio condition [1]. The distribution of the twist angle between the first and second layers is investigated through micro-Raman mapping. Through measuring the height, width,and symmetry of the 2D band, the ratio between 2D to G band, and the R' side-band, we are able to unambiguously identify the twist angles and categorize into five types. Besides the most abundant Bernal-stacking or large angle (> 15°) twist angle configurations, there are some bilayer regions that contain specific twist angles (5~8°, 8~13°, and 14°) . The distribution of the twist angles is closely correlated to the grain to grain distance between the underneath second layer grains, and local hydrogen termination conditions.

1. Nucleation and growth kinetics of multi-layered graphene on copper substrate, Chia-Chun Chan, Wen-Liang Chung, Wei-Yen Woon
Carbon 135 (2018) 118-124

Keywords: graphene, Chemical vapor deposition, twist angle