Study of a two-cell 1.5 GHz SRF harmonic cavity for the Taiwan Photon Source
Zong-Kai Liu1*
1Light Source Division, NSRRC, Taiwan
* Presenter:Zong-Kai Liu,
The Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) is a modern 3 GeV low emittance light source with rms bunch lengths of about 3 mm at a beam current of 500 mA and operating gap voltage of 3.2 MV. The installation of the harmonic cavities has abilities to increase or decrease the electron bunch length. With bunch lengthening effect the beam life time can be improved. A multi-bunch, multi-particle tracking method has been developed to determine the bunch lengths. The performance simulation including the expected bunch lengthening factor using this tracking method for a prototype of 1.5-GHz superconducting harmonic cavity for the TPS is presented here.

Keywords: harmonic cavity, longitudinal beam dynamics