Sign crossover of thermopower in SnSe fabricated by a combination of room-temperature synthesis and hot pressing
Zong-Ren Yang1*, Fei-Hung Lin1, Peng-Chun Hung1, Chia-Jyi Liu1
1物理學系, 國立彰化師範大學, 彰化市, Taiwan
* Presenter:Zong-Ren Yang,
A eco-friendly material, tin selenide semiconductors were used in the field of thermoelectric. Here, the formation and growth of single-phase nanosize SnSe by wet chemical synthesis at room-temperature was investigated by powder X-ray diffraction, and the resulting powders were consolidated by hot pressing at 500℃ under an applied pressure of 80 MPa for 1 h. Samples synthesized at pH=1.4 and 6.5 exhibit sign crossover in thermopower and negative room-temperature Hall coefficients. Our approach provides an energy-saving, simple, and scalable synthesis for fabricating SnSe that improves application value.

Keywords: thermoelectric, tin selenide, room-temperature synthesis, crossover of thermopower