Extended Phenacene Molecules series on Metallic substrate and their electronic properties
Paul Yen1*, Hao Lin Chen1, Hideki Okamoto2, Germar Hoffmann1
1Physics, NTHU, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2Chemistry, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan
* Presenter:Paul Yen, email:lifesky330@gmail.com
The chemistry and physics of extended π-network molecules such as fullerene, and conjugated organic polymers / hydrocarbons are topics at frontiers of fundamental science, for their being potential candidates of electronic application such as semiconductor devices.
Further, one can use organic molecule as a building block for bottom-up device fabrication method, which provides more accurate and nano-size control of device.

Here, we study [7],[9],[10]phenacene on metallic substrate with STM, and we discuss their self-assembly behavior on surface and their electronic properties with scanning tunneling specstroscopy. For [7],[9]phenacene, we discuss their stacking geometry of second layers and clarify how molecules standing on the surface. For newly synthesize molecule, [10] phenacene, we confirm synthesis of molecule success with high resolution STM topography, which is also on the the longest Pi- network molcules.

Keywords: phenacene, STM, STS, Molecule, Au(111)