Probing new physics behind b→sμμ anomalies with rare nonleptonic decays of Bs meson
Jusak Tandean1*
1Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Jusak Tandean,
The anomalous results of recent measurements on various b→sμμ processes could be early evidence of physics beyond the standard model (SM) in b→s transitions. Assuming this to be the case, we entertain the possibility that the underlying new physics also affects the rare nonleptonic decays of the Bs meson. We consider in particular new physics due to the interactions of a heavy Z′ boson and study their influence on the decay modes Bs→(η,η′,φ)ω, which receive sizable penguin contributions. These decays are not yet observed, and their rates are estimated to be relatively small in the SM. Taking into account the pertinent constraints, we find that the Z′ effects can boost the rates of Bs→(η,φ)ω by as much as two orders of magnitude above their SM expectations. Additionally, the rare decays Bs→(η,φ)π⁰ can also undergo substantial Z′-induced enhancement. These four rare modes can therefore serve as complementary probes of the potential new physics which may be responsible for the b→sμμ anomalies.

Keywords: Flavor physics, new physics, b-meson decays