Stabilization of two photon detuning fluctuation in Rydberg-EIT
Chia-Yu Hsu1*, Bonginue Kim1, Ko-Tang Chen1, Shih-Si Hsiao1, Yu-Chih Tseng1, Ite A. Yu1,2
1物理系, 國立清華大學, 新竹市, Taiwan
2Center for Quantum Technology, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chia-Yu Hsu,
The frequency stabilization between the laser fields that plays an important role in the electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT)-based experiment such as slow light, stored light and applications for quantum information manipulation. For the studies of quantum information science, we aim to enhance the photon-photon interaction by a ladder-type EIT transition involving Rydberg state. However, the injection-lock method cannot work for the stabilization of the two photon resonance in the ladder-type transition of Rydberg EIT. We used Pound-Drever-Hall technique to lock the two photon detuning on the resonance of Rydberg EIT with the room temperature Rb vapor cell. With frequency stabilization system, we can have less than 50 kHz of two-photon detuning frequency fluctuation with 20μs lock–in amplifier time constant and two-fold reduced decoherence rate of Rydberg EIT in cold 87Rb atoms.

Keywords: Frequency stabilization, Pound-Drever-Hall technique, Rydberg EIT