Cosmological Impact of the First Stars
Tzu-Hsiang Chao1,2*, Ke-Jung Chen2, Sung-Han Tsai3,2, Shingo Hirano4
1Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
2Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
3Department of Physics, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
4Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyushu University, fukuoka, fukuoka prefecture, Japan
* Presenter:Tzu-Hsiang Chao,
We present some primary results from cosmological simulations of the first stars. We use the Gadget-2, the massively-parallel code combined N-body and smoothed-particle hydrodynamics, and has been modified in other studies to include detailed cooling, chemistry, and radiative transfer of primordial gas to study the impacts of our first star. We simulate from a minihalo with the mass resolution about a few solar mass from the redshift about 20 ~ 30 to the end of the life of the first stars. In this poster/talk, we discuss some feedbacks of the first star and implication for later works, such as the GRBs from the first binaries and first stars.

Keywords: early universe – galaxies, formation – radiative transfer – stars