The plenary talk to be given by Prof. William D. Phillips is canceled.

Uploaded on 2019.01.18

美國聯邦政府1/23~1/25仍在關閉狀態,Prof. Phillips因隸屬於NIST ,不克來台參加物理年會 。Prof. Phillips安排於1/24的大會演講被迫取消。


1/24 11:00-12:00議程異動如下:

Location: NCTU Auditorium (中正堂)


11:00-11:25  Introduction to the 14th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference at Malaysia

Prof. Tou Teck Yong, Multimedia University


11:25-11:30 Break


11:30-11:55  Digital Electro-optics Platform - Education and Research

Kenneth Tai, Chairman of Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association, 

CEO of Jasper Display Corporation




2019台灣物理年會籌備團隊 敬啟