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01 NST 奈米科技 / Nanoscience / Nanotechnology

02 SS 表面物理 / 掃描探針顯微術 / Surface Science03 SN 半導體 / Semiconductor04 MM 磁學與磁性材料 / Magnetism and Magnetic Materials05 SE 超導與強關聯電子系統 / 
Superconductivity and Strongly Correlated Electron
06 OE 光學 / 光電 / Optics and Photonics07 BS 生物物理 / 軟物質 / 統計物理Bio-physics/Soft Matter / Statistical physics08 QI 量子資訊與量子計算 / Quantum Information and Quantum Computing09 MH 中高能物理 / Medium and High Energy Physics10 AG 天文 / 重力 / 宇宙學 / Astrophysics,Gravity and Cosmology
11 PA 電漿 / 加速器 / 跨域與新興物理Plasma / Accelerator/Interdisciplinary & Emerging Physics12 AM 原子 / 分子 / Atomic and Molecular Physics13 PT 物理教學 / Physics Teaching14 EM 新穎材料物理 / Physics of Emergent Materials15 BIO 主題論壇:生物影像技術與生物物理Topical Symposia:Bioimaging and biophysics
16 NM 主題論壇:量子多體物理系統的數值方法:凝體物理與晶格場論的共同議題
Topical Symposia:Numerical methods for quantum manybody systems: Synergies of condensed matter theory and lattice field theory
17 EES 主題論壇:新興能源科學
Topical Symposia:Emerging Energy Science
18 OSE 主題論壇:外太空探索 / 
Topical Symposia:Outer Space Explorations


01 NST 奈米科技發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(2)P1-NST-025楊舒婷National Taiwan Normal UniversityRoom Temperature Negative Differential Resistance in Flexible

on-paper Graphite Field Effect Transistors
P1-NST-034葉慧鈴National Sun Yat-sen UniversityStudy on Gate-dependent Raman Spectroscopy of Top-gated InSe Field-effect Transistor
佳作壁報(6)P1-NST-006邱國峰National Tsing Hua UniversityEnhancing color purity by enlarging isotropic strain distribution in MEMS-based SPR
P1-NST-007程彥凱National Tsing Hua UniversityDiffusion Control for Electrochemical Metallization

Memory by Using Nano-Structure Diffusion Barrier
P1-NST-015唐欣儀National Tsing Hua UniversityEnhanced Photo-Carrier Generation with Selectable Wavelengths by M-decorated-CuInS₂ nanocrystals (M=Au and Pt) Synthesized in a Single Surfactant Process on MoS₂ bilayers
P1-NST-030蘇大岡National Chiao Tung UniversityElectric transport properties in IrO2 nanowires
P1-NST-033劉人碩National Cheng Kung University.National University of TainanExciton-Complexes in WS2 and WSe2 Monolayers at Room Temperature and the Phase Features of New-Generation 2D InSe
P1-NST-039譚詠方National Sun Yat-sen UniversityThe Influence of Temperature on Set Voltage for Different High Resistance States in 1T1R Devices
02 SS 表面物理/掃描探針顯微術發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(1)P1-SS-017Jan Sebastian Dominic RodriguezNational Taiwan Normal UniversityNanoscale Investigation of Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Polyaniline/Graphene Oxide Composite Thin Films by Physical Mixture Method
佳作壁報(4)P1-SS-006崔彥宸National Taiwan University.Academia SinicaA simple method to prepare magnetic tips in situ for spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy
P1-SS-008許鈞智National Taiwan UniversityReal-space observation on charge modulation of YBa2Cu3O7-x  using cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy
P1-SS-010何勝竹National Cheng Kung UniversityValidity of Ferroelectricity in SmFeO₃ Film Studied by Contact-Kelvin Probe Microscopy
P1-SS-014張文翰國立臺灣師範大學Compare the Electron properties of ReS2 Surface before and after Mechanical Exfoliation 
by Scanning Tunneling Microscope
03 SN 半導體發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(3)P1-SN-011馮一介National Taiwan Normal UniversityComplementary MoS2 fin-shaped field effect transistors
P1-SN-028廖翊安National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyInvestigation of Ohmic Contacts on MoS₂ Layered Crystals by High Work Function Metal and Inverse Sputter Etching Technique
P1-SN-051葉庭瑋National Taiwan Normal UniversityA curvature-tunable random laser
佳作壁報(9)P1-SN-008陳彥宏National Chiao Tung UniversityElectronic and magnetic properties of WS2 armchair nanoribbons doped by Cr, Fe
P1-SN-017ASWIN KUMAR ANBALAGANNational Tsing Hua University60-Co gamma-irradiation effects on physical and chemical properties of pentacene thin films
P1-SN-035廖譽凱National Taiwan Normal UniversityFabricate of Solid-State Electrolyte and Electrode in All-Solid-State Li-ion Batteries
P1-SN-040劉昌庭國立彰化師範大學Effect of Schottky barrier height on device characteristics of enhancement-mode InSb/InAlSb high-electron-mobility transistors
P1-SN-044張意璇National Cheng Kung UniversityHigh mobility encapsulated graphene heterostructure device
P1-SN-055陳俊魁National Sun Yat-Sen UniversityThe Demonstration of Increased Selectivity during Experiment Measurement in Filament-type Vanadium Oxide based Selector
P1-SN-059林韋廷國立交通大學Growth of Gallium Nitride nanowire on two-dimensional MoS2
with HVPE system.
P1-SN-067吳俊陞National Cheng Kung UniversityOptically Pumped Random Lasing Action of Robust CsPbI3 Perovskite Thin Films
04 MM 磁學與磁性材料發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(3)P1-MM-022林奇潁National Pingtung UniversityMagnetic Circular Dichroism Studies of Anodic Aluminum Oxide
P1-MM-024趙家加National Central UniversityMagnetotransport property of Fe/MgO/Fe junction: Combined First-Principles Calculation and TB-NEGF Method
P1-MM-067廖宇庭National Taiwan Normal University.Academia SinicaThe Feasibility Study of Liver Tumor Discrimination via T₁ Relaxation Time Detected by High-Field NMR and SQUID Based Low-Field NMR
佳作壁報(9)P1-MM-030謝東傑National Sun Yat-sen UniversityStructural and magnetic property of Mn2V2O7
P1-MM-041林宥均國立中興大學Detection of tau protein in the plasma of Alzheimer's disease patients by using magneto-optical immunoassay technique
P1-MM-047梁喻惠Tamkang UniversityStudy of The Magnetic Structure of Single Crystal YBaCuFeO₅ Using Neutron and X-ray Scattering
P1-MM-054鍾俊傑National Changhua University of EducationPerpendicular magnetic anisotropy established in tetragonally distorted FeCo alloy films
P1-MM-059李宥驊National Chiao Tung UniversityEnhanced optomagnet effect in (Fe1-y Zny)2Mo3O8
P1-MM-064黃韋銘National Chung Cheng UniversityMagnetic properties and microstructure of melt spun YCo5-xMx ribbons (M = C and Sn; x = 0-0.3)
P1-MM-003杜彥璋National Taiwan UniversityInfluence of spin fluctuation on longitudinal spin Seebeck effect
P1-MM-004連士權National Central UniversityMagnetotransport Properties of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions under the Effect of Magnetic Field
P1-MM-018Sheng-Yueh WengNational Taiwan UniversityInvestigate Spin Transport Property in π-conjugated Organic Semiconductor PTCDA by Spin Pumping and Spin Seebeck Effect
06 OE 光學/光電發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(4)P1-OE-002Chia-Lun TsaiNational Tsing Hua UniversityMultiple-plate continuum at 1.55 μm for nonlinear pulse compression driven by optical parametric chirp pulse amplifier
P1-OE-024林柏翰National Chiao Tung UniversityLong valley lifetime and stacking dependent spin transfer dynamics in MoSe2/WSe2 vertical heterostructures
P1-OE-058Khalil Ur RehmanNational yang Ming UniversityPolarization-resolved fluorescence lifetime measurement with stimulation emission
P1-OE-087陳奕如National Tsing Hua UniversityExperimental measurements on 10 dB quantum noise squeezing
佳作壁報(14)P1-OE-005林伯威National Sun Yat-sen UniversityPhysical random number generator based on periodic oscillation dynamics in vortex laser
P1-OE-022吳宇宸National Chiao Tung UniversityTunable Mid-infrared Pulse Generation in thin GaSe crystals
P1-OE-030蘇翊誠National Chiao Tung UniversityPlasmon-exciton coupled random lasing from organometal halide perovskites in hybrid metallic nanostructures
P1-OE-042何書維National Yang-MingRadio frequency optical beam induced current imaging of ESD induced defects on VCSELs
P1-OE-044林志儒National Taiwan UniversityDirect multiphoton imaging of functional heterogeneity in hepatobiliary metabolism
P1-OE-046劉得煜National Chung Cheng UniversityHigh-sensitivity wide-field fluorescent microscopy base on upconversion rare earth nanoparticles and resonant waveguide grating
P1-OE-055張庭瑜National Chung Cheng UniversityDigital holographic microscopy with twin image suppression
P1-OE-056李榮展National Chung Cheng UniversityParallel array scanning super-resolution fluorescent microscopy and its applications
P1-OE-067張家銘National Chiao Tung UniversityInvestigation of Surface Free Energy Resulting from Liquid Crystal Molecular Orientations in Nano-polymeric Domains under Distributions of Electric Fields
P1-OE-073陳科瑋National Sun Yat-sen UniversityCholesteric Liquid Crystal's tri-stable applied on smart windows and display.
P1-OE-076蕭佳輝National Taipei University of TechnologySurface Plasmon Resonance Enhanced Random Lasing by nano-sliver plates
P1-OE-079李宗憲National Chiao Tung UniversityEfficient Optical Trapping of Nanoparticle via Plasmonic Bowtie Notch with Curved Grooves
P1-OE-101巫承霖National Taiwan UniversityAnomalous GaN/GaON Interfacial THz Acoustic Pulses Generation
P1-OE-105蔡錕斌Chung Yuan Christian UniversityUV-harvesting Luminescent Solar Concentrator based on Gold-nanoclusters.
14 EM 新穎材料物理發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(3)P1-EM-002陳奕勳Academia SinicaFermi-level Depinning Effect in Indium Selenide Field-effect Transistors Enabled by Atomic-scale Surface Oxidation Interface
P1-EM-013廖育資國立中央大學Large-area Suspended Graphene as Target for Laser Wakefield Ion Laser
P1-EM-029鄭慧妤National Chiao Tung UniversityCharacterization of Layer Number and Crystal Anisotropy of CVD Grown PdSe2 by Second Harmonic Generation and Low frequency Raman Spectroscopy
佳作壁報(5)P1-EM-001鄭智怡Academia SinicaTransport Properties of Ionic-liquid-gated Two-dimensional Indium Selenide Field Effect Transistors
P1-EM-008顏君倢National Central UniversityNucleation and growth dynamics of graphene grown through plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
P1-EM-020劉祐承National Cheng Kung UniversityModulation of the Piezoelectricity in PZT Freestanding Thin Film
P1-EM-032謝孟勳National Cheng Kung UniversityOptical control of ferroelectricity in lead zirconate titanate thin films
P1-EM-041洪千雅National Chiao Tung UniversityStrong coupling of Tamm-plasmon with monolayer WSe₂ at room temperature
05 SE 超導與強關聯電子系統/發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(1)P2-SE-005Chandra Shekar Gantepogu中央研究院Enhanced flux pinning in strongly pinned nanostructure BaZrO₃/Gd₁Ba₂Cu₃O₇-x Multilayer films with BaZrO₃ nanorods
佳作壁報(2)P2-SE-007陳博弘國立高雄大學Doping effects on the dielectric properties of multiferroic TbMnO₃
P2-SE-008葉勁辰國立臺灣大學Transport in Al nanofilms grown by molecular beam epitaxy
12 AM 原子/分子發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(1)P2-AM-002黃宣凱中央研究院Optically detected transient nutation relaxation spectroscopy of electron spins in nano diamonds
佳作壁報(2)P2-AM-003蕭世熙國立清華大學The mean-field theory of dipole-dipole interaction in Rydberg-state electromagnetically induced transparency
P2-AM-016韋彥丞國立臺灣大學Finite bandwidth effect on Polarized-typed Converter under optical EIT-based memory
08 QI 量子資訊與量子計算發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(1)P2-QI-004江冠勳國立中央大學Multi-level selection rules of a Tunable Coupling Qubit
佳作壁報(1)P2-QI-002黃妮妮國立成功大學Identification of networking quantum teleportation on the 14-qubit IBM universal quantum computer
07 BS 生物物理/軟物質/統計物理發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(2)P2-BS-010羅偉碩國立中央大學Wind-driven turbulent water wave
P2-BS-034趙予辰國立臺灣大學NanoMuscle: Controllable Contraction and Extension of Mechanically Interlocked DNA Origami
佳作壁報(5)P2-BS-015沈郁軒國立中正大學Collective behavior of self-propelling particles under spatial-temporal modulated excitation field
P2-BS-017張允瑄國立中央大學Spatiotemporal evolution of aggregated cancer cell cluster in endothelial-cancer cell mixture
P2-BS-024鐘緯儒國立清華大學Evaluation of DNA Ligation Efficiency Using Optical Tweezers and Maximum Likelihood Estimation
P2-BS-028莊翔淯國立中央大學Bacterial Flagellar Production and loss in Vibrio alginolyticus Revealed by Single-cell Real-time Fluorescent Imaging
P2-BS-032張家奇國立東華大學Evaluation of nanodiamond-based drug delivery efficiency in three-dimensional co-culture system
09 MH 中高能物理發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(1)P2-MH-014李明晏國立中央大學Search of Higgs to Zγ with proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV with data collected by CMS in LHC Run-II
佳作壁報(3)P2-MH-003蔡孟儒國立清華大學Estimation of the WW Background and Possible Improvement in the H→WW Analysis with the Atlas Detector
P2-MH-010張哲嘉國立成功大學Study the Upsilon subtraction in the Au-Au collision at STAR
P2-MH-015施承瑋國立中央大學The luminometer at CEPC
11 PA 電漿/加速器/跨域與新興物理發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(1)P2-PA-024鄧善友國立清華大學Simulation Study of the Seeding Scheme for NSRRC EUV Free Electron Laser Test Facility
佳作壁報(4)P2-PA-008陳星宏國立清華大學Characterization of the lossy dielectric materials using contour mapping
P2-PA-009陳君國立清華大學Three-section rectangular waveguide system for liquid characterization
P2-PA-016蘇奕維國立清華大學Biodiesel of Esterification Reaction by Microwave Heating Process
P2-PA-033SHOGO ISAYAMA國立中央大學Exploration for highly efficient laser-driven ion acceleration
10 AG 天文/重力/宇宙學
18 OSE 主題論壇:外太空探索/
優良壁報(2)P2-AG-015劉若愉國立臺灣大學Two-Dimensional Simulations of Circumstellar Material Collisions from Exploding Stars
P2-OSE-002Jen-Kai Hsu國立中央大學A comparative study of the CH<sub>4</sub> escape rates of Titan's atmosphere
佳作壁報(7)P2-AG-002吳淑蓉國立清華大學Development of frequency-depend squeezed light for quantum noise reduction in  KAGRA
P2-AG-003朱軒佑國立中央大學Improving of laser power stabilization system for KAGRA calibration
P2-AG-012黃健峯國立中央大學Lulin Widefield Telescope (LWT): a Robotic Telescope for the Near-Earth Object Follow-up Observation
P2-AG-026許棨甯國立中央大學Molecular Absorption in Centaurus A
P2-AG-029卓筠庭國立中央大學Temperature Dependent Photodesorption of CO Ices
P2-AG-039施驊珊國立中央大學The Long-term Evolution of Pluto’s Seasonal Atmosphere
P2-OSE-005賴宣庭台北市立大學A study of the coma composition of the comet 67P
15 BIO 主題論壇:生物影像技術與生物物理發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(1)P2-BIO-012呂佳軒國立臺灣大學Investigating apical constriction force of Madin-Darby Canine Kidney cells by laser ablation
佳作壁報(1)P2-BIO-004廖宜鴻中央研究院Monovalent optical probe for ultrahigh-speed single-particle tracking of molecular movement in cell membranes
17 EES 主題論壇:新興能源科學發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優良壁報(1)P2-EES-013王俊堯國立臺灣師範大學Stabilizing Lithium Metal Anodes by Using Acetonitrile-based Electrolyte for Lithium Metal Batteries
佳作壁報(4)P2-EES-005張子健國立清華大學First principle calculations on ion-exchange mechanism of spinel bifunctional electrocatalysts applied on metal-air batteries
P2-EES-016陳畇甫中央研究院Non-toxic Earth-abundant CZTSSe Solar Cell by Using Cd-free Alternative Buffer Layers
P2-EES-022Shaham QuadirAcademia SinicaComprehensive Study of Disorder of Kesterite Based (AgxCu1-x)2ZnSnSe4 Absorber Layers by Their Photovoltaic Performance and Neutron Diffraction Experiments.
P2-EES-023李家震國立交通大學PCPDTBT:PCBM solar cells studied by ultrashort pulses pump-probe spectroscopy