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A3-OAS-004O3 第01組Jhih-Wei Chen國立成功大學A Gate-Free Monolayer WSe2 pn Diode
B3-OAS-004O3 第02組Spencer Chuang國立臺灣大學Wireless Near-Field Microwave Imaging Based On Charge State Switching Of NV Centers In Nanodiamonds
C3-OAS-002O3 第03組Yi-Cheng Chen國立交通大學Flexible Co-based Heusler alloy/muscovite heteroepitaxy
C3-OAS-003O3 第03組Kuan-wen Chang國立交通大學Realization of an H2/CO Dual-Gas Sensor Using CoPd Magnetic Structures
D3-OAS-003O3 第04組Thai Duy Ha國立交通大學Control of exchange coupling in Co/CoO bilayers on flexible muscovite substrate by bending strain
D3-OAS-006O3 第04組Yu-Cheng Chuang國立交通大學Quantitative Analysis of Calcium Dynamics in Beating Larval Zebrafish Heart
E3-OAS-001O3 第05組Yann Niberon國立陽明大學Compact Surface plasmon resonance sensor with simultaneous spectral, angular and temporal interrogation
E3-OAS-005O3 第05組Chin-Hao Tseng國立成功大學Photonic Generation of High-Frequency Microwave Chaos Using Optically Injected Semiconductor Lasers
F3-OAS-001O3 第06組Ji-Lin Jou國立中央大學Granular rafts evolution on Faraday waves
F3-OAS-003O3 第06組Guan-Rong Huang國立清華大學Analysis of Local Strain Distributions from Two-Point Spatial Correlation Functions
G3-OAS-001O3 第07組Russell Ong國立臺灣師範大學Anderson Localization in a Bose-Einstein condensate with finite range of interaction
G3-OAS-004O3 第07組You-Lin Chuang國家理論科學研究中心Coherent control of optical bistability in Rydberg electromagnetically-induced transparency atomic

H3-OAS-004O3 第08組Chia-Wei Liu國立清華大學Anti-triplet charmed baryon decays with the SU(3) Flavor Symmetry
I3-OAS-002O3 第09組Li-Hsin Chen中央研究院Pop III Supernova feedback on The Formation of The First Galaxies
I3-OAS-004O3 第09組Lu Ting-Yi國立清華大學Cosmic reionization history from the view of the Gunn-Peterson trough of 64 lower luminosity quasars
J3-OAS-003O3 第10組Po-Cheng Lin國立中央大學Rogue waves in dust acoustic wave turbulence
J3-OAS-004O3 第10組Chia-Ying Hsieh國立中央大學Simulation Study of Driving Pulse Properties on the Performance of Sub-Terawatt Laser Wakefield Acceleration